About Me

***I would like to start off by saying right here for everyone to see… I am NOT an expert on most of the things that I’ll talk about here! If you take offense to anything that I say or do as a parent, woman, sister, daughter, friend, wife, girlfriend, niece, aunt, etc., I would like to say I’m sorry you feel that way and I hope the door knob gets ya where the good Lord split ya…I mean, I’m sorry you feel that way and please feel free to click off the site.***

Life is fun, people are funny and I am just here to chronicle some of it from my humble perspective. I’m a professional woman…strike that… I’m a woman who puts the game face on really well at work, striving to find balance between my career life and aspirations, my extreme desire to be a good mother to Timmy #2 (a.k.a. Lil’ Timmy or “LT”) and mate to Timmy#1 (a.k.a. Original Timmy, Big Timmy, or “BT”), and good sister/daughter/friend/etc, whatever any of that means. Somehow, I usually manage to do only fair to middlin’ at best in any of these given roles. But as I learn, grow, fall, and soar I’ve decided to share some of it in this super public way where everyone can laugh and point.

As the mother of a 3 year old, I’m constantly finding myself doing and saying the most absurd things. The honest viewpoint of a preschooler is refreshing to say the least, and often times I find myself in the middle of conversations and situations that I can hardly believe. Add to this youthful perspective, the young-at-heart playfulness of Timmy #1,  and we’ve got the makings of what I like to call my own personal sitcom, My Two Timmys’.

Oh… and I love cupcakes, cheese, wine and bacon. And Nutella…. Not necessarily in that order


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