One Foot at a Time

The other evening after bathtime, I sent the lil’ dude into his room to dress while I put the bathroom back together. While I was scrubbing down the tub and gathering bath toys, I could hear a thump-thud-thud over and over coming from down the hall. A three year old boy is always jumping and climbing, soaring through the air, etc. so I didn’t think much of it. Thump-thud-thud is a familiar sound in my home.

I yell out, “Lil’ dude! Are you okay in there?” He replies, “Yes Mommy, I getting dwessed like you told me.” That gave me a moment of pause because when does he EVER do what I asked him to do the first time? I make my way to his room hearing the thump-thud-thud again as I creep to the door just to peek in on him.

Here is what I see.

The lil’ dude is butt naked, laying toppled over on the floor holding his Lightning McQueen underwear. He scrambles up off the floor to a standing position, holding his tiny little boxer brief Underoos open out in front of him. He readies and steadies himself and proceeds to jump …er, attempt to jump… into his drawers with both feet at the same time.

Of course, this doesn’t work so he crashes to the floor with his feet caught in his underwear. I can hardly stifle my laughter as I watch him repeat the steady, jump, fall pattern over and over. He is a persistent little fart, and does not accept defeat easily.

He finally looks up and sees me peeking in at him and says, “Look at me Mommy! I’ve got a neeeeeew way to put on my underwear!”

“How’s that working for ya?”, I ask him.

“It didn’t work yet, but watch.” He trys again…and again…and again. I finally had to call it off when he toppled to the floor face first…for the third time. He protests, “No wait Mommy, I can do it.”

At that point I have a flashback about six years or more ago, long before LT. I’m standing in a bedroom with the same incredulous look on my face watching the Big T ridiculously attempt the same exact thing. As I laughed and rolled my eyes in disbelief, I told him it was impossible. I just fueled his determination when I said it couldn’t be done and he set out to prove me wrong. Let me just add that BT is always joking that he is part Super Hero, capable of super human feats. *insert eye roll here* Though I am pretty sure that most times he is not quite joking and somehow believes it. Don’t tell him, but sometimes I do too actually. He and his brothers are all these beasts of superior strength and muscle that is TRULY above and beyond the average. But jumping into his drawers? Yah. Right.

I digress.

So because I knew I couldn’t stop the development of a mini Marvel character in training, I just stood and watched LT jump himself silly until he wore himself out. At the end of it all as he sat on the floor still naked, I asked him “So are you giving up?”

He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Just til tomorrow.”

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