“Mommy I’m Getting Bigger!”

The other evening, my three year old Timmy is laying in the bed with me. We’d just finished reading a  story and were feeling kinda chilled out. He’s laying there with one hand down the front of his pajama pants (as usual), and we have the following conversation;

Timmy: “Mommy, I’m growing up”

Me: “Yes baby, you sure are.”

Timmy: “I’m getting bigger and bigger”

Me: “Yep, sweetie pie. Bigger and bigger every day. I can hardly believe what a big boy you are becoming!”

Timmy: “Yeah, and my p*nis is getting bigger and bigger!”

Me: “… …. Ummm, yep baby you’re getting big …uh, all over… ….”

Timmy: “Yep and my ball getting big too!”

Me: “… ….”

Timmy: as he pulls the front of his pajama pants out, “Look see!”

Me: “Oh, yep. There it is, getting bigger just like…your….feet” (sweating a lil’ bit)

Timmy: “But loooook! You didn’t look Mommy. It getting reeeaallly bigger!

Me: Thinking to self, “Oh sweet baby Jesus…”

To top it off, and I’m not even sure how we got there, but we ended up having a conversation about which was his testicles (which he refers to as his ball…yes, just one…) and which was his p*nis. He seemed to have the two confused and wanted to argue about it as if I didn’t know what I was talking about (!!!???) Now look, I’m sleepy and a little disarmed by the whole conversation. So I just say, “Let’s call Daddy up here. He has the same as you, he’ll tell you which is which…”

Enter my other Timmy, a.k.a. Daddy, Big Timmy, Timmy #1. I quickly catch him up on the last few minutes of toddler conversation, to which he proudly juts his chest out and loudly proclaims, “That’s my boy!”. I roll my eyes and say, “Ok then, you take this one.” I then sit and watch them have a technical conversation regarding the parts of the male package. Then and only then, was Little Timmy convinced about what was where… Good Lord Almighty…

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2 Responses to “Mommy I’m Getting Bigger!”

  1. LOL! I saw your comment on my blog and clicked on your link. Aren’t boys the funniest things? And then they grow up to be…gasp…men. Too much!! 🙂

  2. Having a son has given me a TOTALLY different perspective on men! What I see at three isn’t all that different from what you see twenty and thirty years later. Insightful and not that surprising, but kind of a bummer…

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